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What is Industrial LCD Monitor?


Latest company news about What is Industrial LCD Monitor?

Industrial LCD Monitor is liquid crystal displays used in industry, with a variety of display sizes, installation methods, etc. Different from ordinary liquid crystal displays, it can adapt to extreme environments, run stably, and have a long service life.
According to the installation method, it can be divided into: embedded, rack-mounted, and open.
Size and resolution also play a role in overall readability. Generally, 6.5, 8.4, 10.4, 12.1 and 15 inch LCDs in LCD mode are mostly used in industrial applications. These dimensions provide enough room for viewing numbers, waveforms, or other graphic data without taking up too much space on the device.

The requirements for resolution are mainly determined by the display information or display data. In the past, VGA, SVGA, and XGA resolutions were the most popular.

Resistance to temperature changes and vibration is an important consideration in selecting displays for contemporary industrial applications. Displays must be resilient enough to prevent bumps or bumps from mechanical operators or peripheral equipment, and must be able to handle a wide range of operating temperatures. Compared to CRTs, LCDs are more resistant to temperature changes, bumps and vibrations.

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