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Shenzhen P&O Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile

Shenzhen P&O Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen P&O Technology Co., Ltd
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North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa , Oceania , Worldwide

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Manufacturer , Exporter



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Export p.c:

90% - 100%


We are a high-end technology manufacturer of TFT displays, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Shenzhen P&O Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2008. It has strong automated production equipment, R&D and production teams, and strict quality management ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS, REACH and other certificates. Our main products are TFT Display, LCD Modules, Touch Panel. The factory has a modern production dust-free workshop of more than 5,300 square meters and more than 330 employees. Our production capacity can reach 700,000 pcs/Month.


Our products are widely used in medical equipment, industrial instruments, telecommunication terminals, smart home and smart wearable device, aviation, automotive, military, retail, gaming and other fields.


Based on solid professional knowledge, advanced equipment and production technology, our engineering expert team constantly explores the latest technology and market trends, provides the highest quality personalized service and customized design solutions, we have become important strategy partners of our worldwide customers. Good faith, excellent service and win-win concept is our company core value. Our mission is to be reliable and trustable TFT LCD display module customization specialist.


Contact: Anna Hu
Phone: 008613714394335
Tel / Fax: +8675521011746


China address: 2nd Floor, Building C, No. 416 Huarong Road, Shuiwei Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

German address: Langbergring 24 21033 Hamburg Germany


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Production Equipment Scale

TFT LCD display is a widely used display technology in modern electronic devices, which offers high definition, fast response time, and low power consumption. To produce TFT LCD displays, highly precise production equipment and complex manufacturing processes are required. Therefore, TFT LCD factories usually have advanced equipment and technology to ensure high-quality and high output. These factories involve multiple production steps, including cleaning, cutting, and coating of glass substrates, deposition, photolithography, and etching of thin films, and utilize automated control systems to ensure production stability and consistency.


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Production Process

The production process of TFT LCD involves multiple steps, including substrate cleaning and cutting, coating, film deposition, photolithography, and etching. First, glass substrates are cleaned and cut into specific sizes. Then, a layer of transparent conductive material is coated onto the substrate surface. This is followed by deposition of several thin films, including the active layer, metal layer, and passivation layer, using specialized equipment. Photolithography and etching processes are then used to create the desired patterns on the different layers.


Finally, the substrates are assembled into a complete TFT LCD panel, including the addition of polarizer, backlight unit, and driver IC. The entire production process is highly precise and requires advanced equipment and technology to ensure high-quality and high-yield production.


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One Stop Solution


01 Stable Supply Chain
We are the direct distributor for LCD glass & driver IC,so We can guarantee continuous supply without interruption for 20 years.


We own a 5300 square meters factory in Shenzhen City,support OEM & ODM,we provide our expertise in the design, production, and quality control of the product.OEM and ODM services allow customers to have greater control over the design and branding of your products.


03 Customized Service
We can customize the product according to our customer's specifications and requirements.About 95% of all our products have been custom-made by our R&D team.We can customize the LCD size and Brightness,FPC interface,Pins definition,Shape and material,and also the glass cover of touch panel.


04 Highly Professional Technical Support
The technical support team can provide expert advice and guidance to customers on the best LCD products for their specific needs and applications,offer product testing and debugging services to help customers identify and fix any issues or problems that may arise with their LCD products,provide training and education resources to help customers understand how to use and maintain their LCD products properly and provide warranty and repair services for their LCD products to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize downtime in the event of any issues.


05 24-hours Engineer Support
We have a dedicated engineering team to provide our customers with the best professional and technical support and help customers overcome any challenges or issues that may arise to get our display to operate perfectly on customer's device.


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Our Team

As a leading TFT LCD Display Manufacturer, Polcd team participated in various exhibitions in Europe and North America. We are happy to interact with visitors and answer their questions about LCD Display and technology, share our knowledge and expertise with industry experts and potential customers around the world, and establish new partnerships.


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