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Ctp Lcd Touch Panel Polcd 5 Inch Waterproof Oil Proof

Ctp Lcd Touch Panel Polcd 5 Inch Waterproof Oil Proof

waterproof ctp lcd touch panel

oil proof lcd touch panel

oil proof ctp touch panel

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

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RoHS, ISO9001

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Product Details
Product Name:
Capacitive Touch Screen Panel
5 Inch
View Area(mm):
Driver Ic:
LCM Resolution:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 piece
Please contact us for latest price
Packaging Details
20 cm * 18 cm * 13 cm
Delivery Time
5-8 working days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, Credit card, PayPal
Supply Ability
500,000 piece per week
Product Description

Polcd 5 inch waterproof Oil-proof Touch Display Anti-blue light Capacitive Touch Screen Industrial Panel



Product Description:

5-inch touch screen refers to an electronic component used in many portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and navigation devices. This display offers a touch-sensitive surface where users can interact with the device through gestures and taps, instead of using physical buttons or keyboards. The 5-inch touch screen is one of the most popular sizes due to its compact size that makes it easy to operate with one hand, and also offers enough screen space to display information in a readable manner. 5-inch touch screens are typically capacitive screens, which means they detect electrical conductivity on the screen surface when touched with a finger or other conductive object. The 5-inch touch screen can also have multi-touch capabilities, allowing users to perform complex multi-finger gestures at once, such as pinch-to-zoom, rotate, or swipe. In short, the 5-inch touch screen is a versatile and widely used component in many portable devices, providing an intuitive and convenient way for users to interact with their device.


Product Parameter:

Product Name 5” Capacitive Touch Screen
Brand Polcd
Model CTP-P050001G
Size 5 inch
LCM Resolution 800*480
View Area(mm) 108.6(W)*65.4(H)
Structure G+G
Drive IC GT911
PIN 6 pin
Interface I2C
Transmittance ≥85%
Surface hardness ≥6H
Unfilled size tolerance ±0.2mm
Operating Voltage 3.3V
Operating temperature -20℃~+70℃
Storage temperature -30℃~+80℃
Certification RoHS
Warranty 1-2 years


Multi-touch capabilities on a 5-inch touch screen work by detecting and tracking multiple points of contact simultaneously. This allows users to interact with the device through gestures and multiple fingers. The touch screen uses a capacitive sensing technology that detects changes in the electrical field when a conductive object, such as a finger or stylus, comes into contact with the screen. By detecting changes in the electrical field at multiple points on the screen, the touch screen can determine the location and movement of multiple points of contact.


For example, a user can pinch two fingers together on the screen to zoom in on an image, or swipe two fingers across the screen to scroll through a list or webpage. These gestures are detected by the touch screen as multiple points of contact and are translated into specific actions within the device's software.


To enable multi-touch capabilities, the touch screen must be specifically designed and manufactured with this functionality in mind. The touch controller and software must also be programmed to interpret and respond to multiple points of contact. Overall, multi-touch capabilities on a 5-inch touch screen provide a more intuitive and convenient user experience, allowing users to interact with the device through natural gestures and multiple fingers.

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