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What is 3.5 inch tft display?


Latest company news about What is 3.5 inch tft display?

A 3.5 inch TFT LCD is a type of display screen that uses thin-film transistor (TFT) technology to provide clear and vivid images. The term "TFT" refers to the type of transistor used to control the individual pixels on the screen, which allows for faster refresh rates and better color accuracy compared to other types of LCD screens.

The term "3.5 inch" refers to the diagonal size of the screen, which measures 3.5 inches from one corner to the opposite corner. This type of screen is commonly used in small electronic devices such as digital cameras, portable media players, and handheld gaming devices.

Technical Parameters:

Model No. P035M068-IPS
Screen Size 3.5 inch
Number of Pixel 320RGB(H)x480(V)
Pin 40 pin
Display area 48.96(H)x73.44(V)mm
Pixel pitch 51(H)x153(V)um
Outline Dimension 54.50x84.71x2.10mm
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe
Display mode Normally Black
Viewing Direction(eye) ALL
Display Color 262K
Luminance(cd/m2) 300 nit
Contrast Ratio 700:1
Interface 18BIT RGB
Back-light LED Side-light type
Drive IC ILI9488
Operation Temperature -20~70 ℃
Storage Temperature -30~80 ℃


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