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Polcd Customized TTL RGB 40pin 50pin LCD Drive Board


Latest company news about Polcd Customized TTL RGB 40pin 50pin LCD Drive Board

The appearance, size and function of the PCB products are exactly the same, but the LCD screen models driven are different:


Driver board model Function Description Remark
PCB800850 Support 3.5 inch LCD Definition reference LQ035NC111
PCB800851 Support 4.3 inch-40P LCD Definition reference AT043TN24V.1
PCB800852 Support 50PIN LCD Definition reference AT070TN92
PCB800853 Support 40PIN LCD Definition reference EJ070NA-01J
Dimensions: 52mm*46mm*6mm


Interface function description

HD-MI HD-MI input HD-MI standard is 1.2
USB1 power input 5V
J4 power input 5V
CON8 Touch output port Screen corner direct access
CON6 TTL-50PIN signal output Definition reference AT070TN92



1. Mirco USB power supply interface, 5V standard power supply, needs to be greater than 1.5A.

2. No buttons and no remote control. It will automatically switch to HD-MI channel after plugging in HD-MI.

3. 1 channel HD-MI signal input, and this IC supports HD-MI 1.2

4. HD-MI is a high-quality MINI gold-plated base.

5. The screen interface adopts high-quality gold-plated connector-50PIN-AT070tn92 definition.

6. USB --DM+DP signal can be externally expanded.

7. The driver board adopts a special circuit design that can drive LED backlights within 10V and supports a maximum current output of 180MA.

9. Support TTL signal output.

It can support common 50PIN 6.5” 7” 8” 9” 10.1 inch LCD screens such as AT070TN92.

This driver board adopts full SMD technology. The relevant parameters are designed according to industrial standards, and the shipping standards are according to civilian standards.

10. This driver board uses a double-sided gold-plated special FPC seat. The FPC does not distinguish between upper and lower connections and can be used directly.


Transportation, storage, usage requirements

1. Do not apply heavy pressure or bend deformation.

2. Anti-static and water resistant

3. Relative humidity <80%

4. Operation Temperature: -1~60℃

5. Operation humidity: 0~40℃


J4-IN Power Connector

1 +5V Power Supply Input Voltage
2 D+ USB signal connection
3 D- USB signal connection
5 AV No function
6 GND ground


HD-MI Connector

1 Mini HD-MI standard interface Standard cable available


Mirco USB Connector

1 Mirco USB standard interface Standard cable available


CON4 --This interface does not distinguish between the upper and lower connections of the LCD screen FPC.


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